Commercial Electrical Services


When you own a commercial building or you work in a commercial building, you’ll understand that the electrical systems in place are what makes the building tick. Commercial electrical systems should be inspected and taken care of frequently to prevent any problems from happening. At HSR Commercial & Residential Services, we can provide you with quality electrical services in Bothell, WA.


Commercial New Construction Electrical


When there is new construction for a commercial building, an experienced and professional electrician will need to be involved to install the electrical systems in the new build. A commercial electrician has the ability to wire an entire commercial building along with pre-construction planning, which includes incorporating proper lighting and energy efficient lighting and electrical equipment.


Commercial Electrical Installation in Bothell WA


When it comes to new construction or new electrical systems, our trained and experienced electricians make safety our top priority. We work in pre-construction planning and install safe and efficient lighting, wiring, and equipment.


  • Custom Lighting

  • Electrical Panels

  • Dedicated Circuits

  • Re-wiring

  • Ceiling Fans

  • And more!


Commercial Electrical Service & Repair in Bothell WA


Commercial buildings rely on their electrical systems to function properly. If there is a wiring problem or an electrical outage, the commercial business/s will suffer from downtime. Many commercial buildings rely on quality electrical lighting and equipment to help it run. Our professional electrical team will conduct inspection services and repair services where and when it is needed.


Why Choose HSR Commercial & Residential Services?


It’s always important to make sure you have a trusted professional electrician by your side to maintain your electrical systems. HSR Commercial & Residential Services can provide new construction electrical, installation, service and repair in Bothell, WA.


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